In our network we have modern facilities for the integral care of all types of vehicles, both for interior and exterior washing in our vacuum area. We have automatic and manual washing of high pressure.

We use biodegradable chemicals that stand out for their quality, guaranteeing a perfect cleaning and a magnificent result for all types of vehicles. In all our washes we use osmosed water to ensure a better final finish of the vehicle.

Aware of the care of the environment we have water recyclers treatments for greater sustainability of the planet. For this purpose, a closed circuit of water is created by reusing it and providing only the loss of the same in the circuit.

  • Automatic Car Wash: Modern washing machines in which we use specially manufactured products for washing vehicles. All of them work with pressure water, soft wash brushes and a perfect dosage of products for a perfect finish of the vehicle.
  • Boxes: We have pressure wash boxes with hot and demineralised water for a perfect finish of the vehicles.
  • Vacuum: We have large vacuum areas for the perfect cleaning finish inside your vehicle.