More than 25 years ago, a group of local entrepreneurs joined forces to create the largest project of all those carried out in the Spanish energy landscape, MEROIL.

Since then, we have been able to develop a network of independent, human, close and accessible service stations.

Today we have an extensive network of service stations, under the brands MEROIL and OILPRIX and with the largest storage terminal on the Spanish coast.

We don’t belong to any large multinational group. We are people who work for people, for customers who, more than customers, are our neighbours. In Meroil we want to be close to all of them, positively affecting each of the localities in which we are present generating links with the community and its inhabitants.

That’s why we define ourselves as proximity stations because we are defined by closeness, quality, fidelity, trust, neighbouring.

Our neighbours don’t choose us for just one reason. Everyone has their own. The one that moves them to come to our gas stations.

We hope you find yours, too.

To that girl

Who is always a in hurry and whose name we don’t know because she uses the self-paid pumps.

Thank you for keeping us up to date with technology

To Laura

Who says she’s coming to visit us because she likes to be supplied with petrol, but we know she does it too because she likes Toni to tell her a new joke.

Thank you for giving us a smile with each visit.

To that boy

Who is always in a hurry and whose name we don’t know because he uses self-paid pumps

Thank you for keeping us up to date with technology.

To Santi

Who every day at nine and ten o’clock he comes to get a bread bar to our 24-hour shop, and who, for a few days, has also come for diapers.

Thank you for counting on us every day. And congratulations.

To Marta

Since we were the first to add biodiesel to our range of fuels, she always comes to refuel with us.

Thank you for showing us the way forward during these 25 years.