Red Card

The RED card makes available to you a monthly summary invoice with all the supplies of the month in an orderly manner.

To obtain this card you must follow this link  and provide us with the information we ask you to register and issue it in your name. With this data we will send it to you so that every time you refuel, you swipe your card and your refuelling will be registered to your user.

With this type of card, you can have as many cards associated with an account as you need (for example, if you have more than one vehicle); the invoice will show the movements of each vehicle or license plate separately.

The network of MEROIL/OILPRIX stations is very wide, so in some of them you can also get points or discounts. If you want an invoice and also points you will have to request it through the data questionnaire, although it will logically depend on whether the station offers points or not (since in some the price is already very competitive).

We recommend that you come to your usual station to know its availability.